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SaralPe is a financial step taken by RBP FINIVIS towards the construction of Digital India. We are connecting Indian Finance digitally with the consumers.

SaralPe, formerly known as an independent knowledge platform for financial inclusion professionals.RBP support this Programme by giving neutral space to share lessons, knowledge , and ideas on how to improve financial facilities for the under privileged.This platform permit the public to engage in deeper learning, discover new horizons, and participate in discussions that support improvement in financial inclusion.

The users of the SaralPe Platform are mainly financial inclusion and microfinance professionals. They derive from different countries, mostly developing economies, and they represent the various institutions that create up the fintech sector.

Yes, fraud monitoring and online security features like encryption keep your payments and personal information safe.

Fees that is charged is transparent. There are no hidden charges.

Yes, we provide both domestic and international air tickets service.

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